Private Employment Agencies not to Charge Fees


   31st May 2017, Windhoek                             

This Ministry conducted a training session for all the Private Employment Agencies (PEAs) on the use of Namibia Integrated Employment Information System (NIEIS) which was born by the Employment Service Act, 2011 (Act No.8 of 2011) and aims to match job seekers with prospective employers. The training is meant to promote the effective implementation of the Employment Service Act and it attracted at least 19 representatives of PEAs.

While the PEAs are acknowledged in connecting employers with potential job seekers, they were reminded that they are not allowed to charge fees, whether directly or indirectly to any individual using their services for employment placements. In addition, no deduction from the remuneration of individual placed by the PEAs is allowed. Contravention of this section may lead to a fine of N$20 000 fine or 2 years imprisonment or both.

The PEAs were further reminded not to discriminate job seekers on grounds of race, colour sex, marital status, religion, etc. and must not refer job seekers to an employer who is not complying with the provision of the Labour Act or not in a good standing with the Social Security Commission or with an employer who does not have a certificate of compliance issued by the Employment Equity Commission.

For the sake of prompting adherence to the national labour laws and more particularly equal treatment of employees, an employee placed with the employer by the PEAs shall not be subjected to less favourable work conditions than the incumbent employees.

The PEAs are required by the Employment Service Act, 2011 (Act No.8 of 2011) to be registered and licensed with the Employment Services Bureau before commencement of business. However, the Ministry has rights to refuse granting licence. The Licence is valid for two years and can be renewed at least three months before the expiry date.  

It is imperative to note that the PEAs should not be linked to labour hire, as labour hire was abolished by the government as enshrined in the Labour Act.


Issued by:                                                               

Maria Hedimbi

Public Relations Officer

Email:, Tel: 061- 2066255