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Labour Amendment Act (No:2 of 2012)

Labour Act (No:11 of 2007)

Employment Service Act (No: 8 of 2011)

Affirmative Act (No: 29 of 1998)

Social Security Act (No:34 of 1994)

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Regulations regarding Employment Services: Employment Services Act, 2011 (Part3)

Employment Service Regulations: Employment Services Act,2011 (Part 4).




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 Office of the Minister
  • To oversee all Government policies and operations in Labour employment;
  •  to ensure that the objectives are achieved and policies are properly implemented;
  • to review policy options and suggest and / or approve ; and
  •  make public the Government's policies and guidelines in the above-mentioned areas.


 Office of the Labour Commisioner
  • To register disputes from employees and employers and/or through their organizations over contraventions of the Labour Act;
  • to attempt through conciliation and by giving advice to prevent disputes from arising;
  • to resolve disputes through arbitration. To register trade unions and employers organizations;
  • to train employees and employers on dispute prevention and resolution.
          Employment Equity Commission
  • The primary objective of the Affirmative Action Act is to achieve equity, equality, fairness and elimination of employment barriers against persons in designated groups;
  • the ultimate goal of the Affirmative Action programme is, a representative workforce that reflects the demographic of Namibia at every level of employment.
 Directorate of Labour Services
  • Ensure compliance with Labour Act, No 11 of 2007, Affirmative Action Act, No 29 of 1998 (Employment Act) and any other legal provisions relating to the conditions of employment and the protection of workers at the workplaces;
  •  to address disparity and inequalities which exist the workplaces;
  • to provide technical information and advice social partners and other stakeholders concerning the most effective means of complying with legal obligations, including minimum wages;
  •  To bring to the attention of the competent authorities any defects or abuse not specifically covered by existing legal provisions;
  • to ensure minimum growth and industrial conformity; and
  • to ensure maintenance of occupational health and safety standards.
 Directorate Labour Market Services 
  • To conduct  labour related surveys and research;
  • to register job seekers and possible placement and  provide career guidance and vocational services;
  •  to promote employment creation and Labour productivity.
  •  Division of International Relation and Advice 
  • Purpose is to oversee and coordinate Labour and employment related issues within the Government and promote cooperation, particularly between the Ministry of Labour, International Labour Organization (ILO), African Union (AU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Labour Administration Centre (ARLAC).