Minimum Wages and Acts Minimum Wages and Acts

Minimium Wages in Diffrent Sectors

Agriculture Minimum Wages

Wage Order for Domestic Workers

Minimum Wages Security Industry

Collective Agreement in Construction



Labour Amendment Act (No:2 of 2012)

Labour Act (No:11 of 2007)

Employment Service Act (No: 8 of 2011)

Affirmative Act (No: 29 of 1998)

Social Security Act (No:34 of 1994)

Regulations Lists

Regulations regarding Employment Services: Employment Services Act, 2011 (Part3)

Employment Service Regulations: Employment Services Act,2011 (Part 4).




Office of the Labour Commissioner Office of the Labour Commissioner

Labour Commissioner

Mr. Henri Kassen



Deputy Labour Commissioner

Ms. Tuuliki Mwafufya-Shikongo

Deputy Director: Concilliation & Arbitration

Ms . Kylliki Sihlahla

Deputy Director: Complaints Research & Registration

Mr . Phillip Mwandingi