Subdivision Finance
Duties and functions
  • Payment of all invoices for goods delivered/services rendered and any other costs incurred (e.g. subsistence and travel allowance, overtime payments etc).
  • Ensuring that treasury instruction, the State Finance Act, (Act no. 31 of 1991) and all other relevant legislation , regulations and prescriptions concerning Government administration are adhered to.
  • Receiving any revenue/monies paid to Government (e.g. employers’ payments, private telephone calls).
  • Controlling the Ministry’s budget by keeping the commitment register (keeping track of expenses as originally budgeted for) and requesting the periodical release of funds from the Ministry of Finance as outlined in the budget that was submitted to Cabinet. A system of a 3-year “rolling budget” was introduced, starting with the 2001/2002 financial year. This will facilitate long term planning as well as continuity in longer (than a year) planning. The total current budget for the 2001/2002 financial year amounts to N$54 158 000 of which a detailed breakdown is available at the ministry.